Vanilla Emulsified Aroma-100ml


For a sweet velvety touch of Vanilla!

The Vanilla Emulsified Aroma is an aroma with an unmistakable fragrance and taste. We choose Madagascar Vanilla Berries for its realization, from which the typical aromatic notes are cold extracted and subsequently mixed with emulsifiers, on a sweet base.


  • a velvety aroma
  • scent and taste of real vanilla
  • obtained from Vanilla Berries from Madagascar
  • thanks to the presence of emulsifiers, it facilitates the leavening of the dough
  • without dyes


  • ideal for leavened products to which a vanilla flavor is desired
  • also suitable for creams, whipped masses or butter creams
  • 5/8 gr per 1kg of dough or cream
  • package with dispenser spout
  • one dose is equivalent to 1 gr
  • to be mixed together with the fat part, butter, margarine, oil, lard which will then be combined with the rest of the doughto