Our history...

The vocabulary definition of SpargiGusto could be: a line of products designed by a historic Italian company, appreciated and known throughout the Italian territory for the production of fine spirits, aromas and semi-finished products for the world of professional pastry, which instead wants to contact those who we can define amateur pastry chefs.li”.
In simpler words instead we want to tell you how this space, like this logo, how this name and this idea originated…
Like a planetary mixer in operation, for some time she had been whirling the idea of devising a line of our products, to be proposed to all those who delight in making desserts for passion or fun.i. 
Historically our company is in fact specialized in the production of distillates for pastry, in jargon the baths those high-proof liqueurs that suitably diluted are ideal for flavoring and softening many types of sweets, as well as food aromas and a series of other products designed for professional use and therefore aimed at the confectionery, ice cream, bakery and catering sectors. If these have always been our worlds, over the years we have noticed an increase in people interested in our products also for home use.. 
But the strongest push a year ago.
SpargiGusto, it begins to come to life in a strange spring of a strange 2020. At a time when everything started to change, the head continued to whisk.
A little all in those months we began to bring out our hearts as pastry chefs, bakers or cooks, who at best, who sbruciacchiando. And as never before, the kitchen has become a place to be distracted and have fun and to experiment. 
"You know why I like to cook""
 "No because"? 
"Because after a day in which nothing is sure, and when I say nothing I mean nothing, one comes home and knows with certainty that adding egg yolks, sugar and milk to the chocolate thickens the dough: it is such a comfort! "
They star in one of Julia & Julie's movies
We have therefore taken some of our products, we have adapted and tested them in more homemade recipes, we have dressed them with new clothes and a new logo that would tell a little about who we are and where we come from, we have mixed everything and kneaded them until we have SpargiGusto, a line that is aimed at all those who love to put their hands in the dough in their kitchens, to those who like to experiment with recipes or who need a secret touch to make their desserts even better, but also to those who are less familiar with oven and stove and needs advice to quickly make tasty desserts.. 
Already diluted bathes, aromas of various kinds and tastes, fillings, creams and dyes ... products that have always been used in the world of professional pastry and are now available here for all those who want to feel like real pastry chefs even for just one evening.