Orange Emulsified Aroma-100ml


Authentic taste of oranges in a velvety aroma!

The Orange Emulsified Aroma is a creamy aroma obtained from the processing of essential oils of Sicilian oranges, blended and emulsified under vacuum with the addition of natural components and emulsifiers, on a sweet maltodextrin base.


  • a velvety aroma
  • scent and taste of real orange
  • obtained with orange essential oil
  • thanks to the presence of emulsifiers, it facilitates the leavening of the dough
  • without dyes
  • ideal for leavened products such as brioches, croissants, panettone or colombe
  • also suitable for creams, whipped masses or butter creams
  • 5/8 gr per 1kg of dough or cream
  • package with dispenser spout
  • one dose is equivalent to 1 gr
  • to be mixed together with the fat part, butter, margarine, oil, lard which will then be combined with the rest of the dougho