Rhum 10°


Rum bath, for desserts to give a strong and intoxicating taste.

Rum does not need many presentations: one of the most famous and appreciated liqueurs, and mentioned in many stories and books, such as Stevenson's "Treasure Island", and has always been considered the liqueur of pirates.  


Rum (or rum) is for us the queen of baths. For years we have been making numerous types of rum bathes, characterized by different fragrances and tastes, which vary according to the origin of the sugar cane distillate. 

In fact, for the success of a rum, it is essential to use fine sugar cane distillates that are made exclusively in Cuba, Jamaica, the Antilles islands ... a distillate that is then perfected and made suitable by us. for use in pastry. 


Among the numerous rum bathes we make, we have selected one of the most popular and versatile. 

  • wets ready for use
  • low alcohol content
  • 100gr of rum ideal for 1kg of product to be soaked
  • sweet and unmistakable scent
  • perfect for flavoring and dipping any dessert
  • used for the best babas